Buh Bye … Note 7


I was really looking forward to this phone! Also, I had my fingers crossed really, really tight in the hopes that Samsung would correct their battery issue and all would be right again. However, this was not the case as Samsung has announced that the Note 7 is DONE!
So, this leaves me with my Note 5 until … I guess Note 7.5 … 8 … 9 … 10??? (if there is another one after this one!) SIGH!

I really love my Note 5! It’s awesome personal assistant to have and keeps me pretty organized on the fly! One of the biggest features for me was the S pen! So, something super top notched (ANDROID ONLY) would have to come along for me to seriously consider replacing my Note 5. Right now, there’s not a whole lot of contenders … although the Google Pixel looks interesting (but I will have to see it up close and personal for any further consideration).

Oh well, I’m sure Samsung has already got something in the works for us Note users (at least, I hope that’s the case) so I’ll just have wait until all the smoke settles to find out what’s next! Just don’t make me wait too long Samsung!

Until then … PEACE OUT, NOTE 7!!!

Tuesday Chatter

The ‘P’ Word!

We all have encounter the dreadful ‘P’ word at some point in time.  A word that can render many of  us powerless just like giving kryptonite to Superman. Of course, there are probably some who this word has the reverse effect on and they are able to leap tall buildings with a single bound. 

However, I’m not one of them … at least not at the moment. Yep, if I recall correctly, I’ve been on both sides of the ‘procrastination’ coin.  Today, and for a whole lot of days, the ‘p’ word has gotten the best for me. 

So, I thought I would share some words that came to mind as I dealt with my own procrastination rut in acrostic form!
















What about you? What word(s) come to mind when you battle the ‘P’ word? What effect does procrastination have on you? kryptonite? strength? Let me know you thoughts! 

Thanks for stopping by!

Write Anything Wednesday



bugs … bugs … everywhere, dad!

In July, we did our annual family camping trip at the Cherry Creek State Park in Colorado.  This a family event that we look forward to year after year, especially my six-year-old son.  Of course, he mainly looks forward to roasting marshmallows over the fire pit and making yummy s’mores!   However, this year there was a fire ban for the county where the park is located so this meant that s’more making wasn’t going to happen.  And you can imagine the disappointment on my sons face when he found this out.  It was like someone had burst his favorite balloon!

To add to his disappointment, it seemed like the sight we picked was also a favorite for all the bugs (which is one of the things that my son doesn’t care for at all).  Now, you would think that a six-year-old boy (all boy) would relish the fact to be able to crush bugs at whim   … nope not my son!

I even reminded him that there have always been some bugs at our campsites in the pass, but this didn’t sway him to go to the tent or anywhere that mom and dad where not at!  For some reason, he had ingrained in his head that the books would get on him no matter what.  There was one bright spot in this … we bought him one of those toy insect vacuums where he could suck up bugs and inspect them.  Of course, the fun and excitement of this toy lasted for about a day and a half!

Needless to say, my wife and I spent most of our camping trip trying to get our son over his dislike of bugs!  And he spent most of our camping trip trying to convince mom and dad that there was no way he’s going like bugs … no way at all!

Luckily for us, there was a swim beach … and he had a blast there!

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Tuesday Chatter



Best Dad Ever!


Today, I’m thankful for being a dad!

My son made this for me, while he was in kindergarten!  He manage to keep it hidden from me until Father’s Day!  When I saw it for the first time, I asked him when he made this and he told me … at school!  He was so proud of making it, but not as proud as he was giving it to me as one of my gifts!

My heart was deeply moved by the words, “Best Dad Ever’!  However, this was not the first time that he has share these words with me.  As a matter of fact, he uses them quite frequently … mostly when he’s trying to get Dad to say yes to something he wants.  HA! HA ! Which seems like a lot these days,

All kidding aside, it’s these words like this that makes my thankful that I’m a Dad.  And no matter what happens, how many times I tell him no, or how many times I have to discipline him … he still things that I’m the Best Dad Ever.

Of course, there are many times when I don’t even think I live up to this title.  Yep, I’m not a perfect Dad and I don’t know of any Dad that is.  I’m just trying to be best Dad I can be for him.  And yes, I will miss up a lot but I also have a lot chances to get it right.  Still, in the end, it doesn’t really matter because my boy will say these words to me and my whole heart will melt  … and for that moment, all of my challenges as a Dad are washed away!

I certainly felt like the Best Dad Ever on Father’s Day, this year!  The biggest reason for that feeling was the fact that I’m a Dad.  One of the things, I love being the most.  And I’m so thankful that God blessed me with the opportunity to be a Dad … because I wouldn’t change it for nothing!

What about you?  If you’re a dad, what are some of your ‘best dad ever’ moments?  If you’re not a dad, what memories of your Dad to you have that you would classify as ‘best dad ever’.




One of my ‘Everyday inspiration’ assignments was to select one word from a list that speaks to me in some way.  My choices were …

  • HOPE
  • HOME

I have a hard enough time with choosing my words for a sentence or two, most days.  So, you can imagine my struggle with focusing on one word. 🙂

I selected the word … choice. My day, like any other day, was filled with lots of choices. Some good, some bad! Some I would do again and some I wouldn’t! Choices come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes, I have an idea of what the impact of my choice would be. And there are times when I’m totally caught off guard by my choice. 

For instance, as I prepared my post for ‘Write Anything Wednesday’, I was faced with a the choice of how to do my post. Another choice I faced was what reactions would I get from my post choice.  So, I choose to do my post in poetry form.  Although I can’t choose how you will react to my post, I do hope that you do choose to read and enjoy it.


We all have a choice
To go to the left or to the right
To communicate with our hands or with our voice
To flee or to fight

To walk or to run
To go by plane or by train
To have some or to have none
To stay inside or play in the rain

We all have a choice
To be honest or to lie
To be sad or to rejoice
To be low or to be high

To yell or to be silent
To be right or to be wrong
To be gentle or to be violent
To dance or to sing a song

We all have a choice
What will you do with yours

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Write Anything Wednesday

Write Anything Wednesday – The Happiest

What is the one thing that would make you the happiest you’ve ever been?

I had to think long and hard about this one, because their are several things I could blog about for this question.  However, I did manage to narrow it down to one thing …

No more apartment living! This certainly would make me the happiest that I’ve ever been because I wouldn’t have to worry about parking, wouldn’t have people above or below us, and would a yard that we all could enjoy!

As we all know, there are pros and cons to apartment living.  And everyone’s experiences are different.  In all honesty, I have had a mix of good and bad experiences during my apartment living.  However, I’m a firmer believer that there is a season for everything and I think our season of apartment living is coming to a close.

With a very active 6 year old and dog, it would be very nice to have a ‘yard of our own’ where they can get out and enjoy on a regular basis. As well as, it would be awesome to sit outside and not be confined to small patio.

In addition, having the added kitchen space, for my wife who likes to bake would be a great benefit too.  Of course, who doesn’t like the lure of a garage to park your car in and not have to worry about a parking space or bad weather.

Finally, the fact of not hearing the noise of people above and below you is just icing on the cake! Right!

Of course, I’m well aware of being careful of what you ask for. Just like with apartment living, having house comes with it’s list of pros and cons too.  However, this is another blog for another time.  Right now, I’m focused on what would make me the happiest … and living in a house right now tops that list.

What about you? Do you live in apartment and long for a house or vice versa? What would make you the happiest right now? Please feel free to share!


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Tuesday Chatter – Things I like…

Today, I decided to do one of the challenges from the ‘Finding Everyday Inspiration’ course. The challenge was to write a list based on one of the four topics.  My list is based on the topic below …

Image result for i like

However, instead of typing out the list like normal, I’m going to attempt to use a series of images for my list.  So here goes  …  10 things that I like  …



















Last, if your reading this … and if you like my post then



Well, I hope you’liked’ my ‘Tuesday Chatter’ for this week! It was fun putting this post together.  Stay tune, cause you never know what I might post next!

Peace Out!

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Tuesday Chatter-A Sharing Event

Write Anything Wednesday – I write because…

Well, my ‘Write Anything Wednesday’ post is a day behind but better later than never … right.  For this post, I decided to kill two birds with one stone.  I recently started the  ‘Finding Ever day Inspiration’ course and I’m little behind on it too.  The goal of this course is to motivate me to write daily, which has been a huge challenge for me!

So here’s the day 1 assignment prompt  … ‘I write because’ whereas I basically explain why I write.

I write because of my enjoyment for writing, my way with words, and my ability to communicate with ease in written form. I write because it’s fun! I write because it can help others! I write because it can help me! I write because it’s a fun hobby! I write because it could lead to fame, recognition, and fortune!  I write because it’s something I ‘ve always dreamed of doing! I write because it’s inspiring! I write because it’s encouraging! I write because it’s peaceful! I write because it’s an outlet for stress! I write because I have something to say! I write because it get’s me through the day! I write because I can!


Write Anything Wednesday – May 18, 2016

Tuesday Chatter – Why Red?

Today, I thought I would chat about my favorite color … RED!

Why the color red, you ask … well, I have many reasons why  … but here’s a few for you

First, it’s one of the colors of my favorite football team’s logo.


Second, it’s the color of Jolly Ole Saint Nick’s suit … And yes, I still believe for the sake of my kindergarten.  Besides, who doesn’t love gifts from Santa.


Third, it’s part of the title of one favorite fairy tales … Little Red Riding Hood! The poor wolf didn’t stand a chance when he tried to match wits with Red … geesh, what was he thinking???


Fourth, it’s the color of a vehicle that makes one of the coolest sounds every. Yep, a fire truck!  And who didn’t wanna be a fire fighter when they were little! I sure did but it’s not the career of choice that I settle on … how bout you?


Fifth, it’s the color of two of my favorite foods to eat! And you can use them both for a salad too … YUMMY!!!

Finally, it’s the color of the suit of one my favorite Marvel characters! I AM IRONMAN!  Of course, my all time favorite is Hulk but that’s another color for another time!


I hope you enjoyed my Tuesday Chatter post, as well as learned some fun facts about me! Until next time …

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Write Anthing Wednesday – Parking Between the Lines


Nothing frustrates me more than one’s inability to park between two white lines, especially when they are parking next to me!  In the picture above, my car is the one on the right,  The other car belongs to another resident who lives in the building in front of me.

I took this picture one morning, while I was out on my patio.  What’s even more amusing about this the parking job is it was the second attempt made by the driver to park between the lines.  Yes, I observed the driver pull into to the parking spot, then back up, pull in again, and park the exact same way as the first time.  Mind you. I usually have a laugh or two in situations like this but I was in now mood for laughter when I saw how close the car door came to hitting my car.  As well as, the driver proceeded to get several shopping bags out.

As I’m watching this whole ordeal unfold, I’m debating with my self on why it is so hard to park between to lines.  IT boggles my mind every time I see someone have difficulty doing this.  And yes, this is not the only driver in our complex that parks like this.  Also, this is one of the reason that I like to park on the end so that I can get as close to the curb as I can to avoid my car being ding by somebody’s door.

Of course, I feel that I shouldn’t have to park my car in this manner because the other person doesn’t know how to park their car properly.   Since the property manager doesn’t do anything the parking, it’s futile for me to say something to them about it.  So, I guess I’ll continue to take photos and add them to my ‘creative drivers’ photos. One of these days, I might have to post the photos of all those drivers.

Anyway, that’s my rant … I mean post for this week’s Write Anything Wednesday!