Write Anything Wednesday – The Happiest

What is the one thing that would make you the happiest you’ve ever been?

I had to think long and hard about this one, because their are several things I could blog about for this question.  However, I did manage to narrow it down to one thing …

No more apartment living! This certainly would make me the happiest that I’ve ever been because I wouldn’t have to worry about parking, wouldn’t have people above or below us, and would a yard that we all could enjoy!

As we all know, there are pros and cons to apartment living.  And everyone’s experiences are different.  In all honesty, I have had a mix of good and bad experiences during my apartment living.  However, I’m a firmer believer that there is a season for everything and I think our season of apartment living is coming to a close.

With a very active 6 year old and dog, it would be very nice to have a ‘yard of our own’ where they can get out and enjoy on a regular basis. As well as, it would be awesome to sit outside and not be confined to small patio.

In addition, having the added kitchen space, for my wife who likes to bake would be a great benefit too.  Of course, who doesn’t like the lure of a garage to park your car in and not have to worry about a parking space or bad weather.

Finally, the fact of not hearing the noise of people above and below you is just icing on the cake! Right!

Of course, I’m well aware of being careful of what you ask for. Just like with apartment living, having house comes with it’s list of pros and cons too.  However, this is another blog for another time.  Right now, I’m focused on what would make me the happiest … and living in a house right now tops that list.

What about you? Do you live in apartment and long for a house or vice versa? What would make you the happiest right now? Please feel free to share!


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2 thoughts on “Write Anything Wednesday – The Happiest

  1. I have thought about this topic, too.

    On one hand, owning a house affords you more privacy, more freedom, and more space (depending on the size). It might also have a monetary benefit long-term.

    On the other hand, owning a house means more responsibility. Not only would you be responsible for the upkeep, you have to make sure you have enough insurance.

    I hope you find the right house for your family.

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