Write Anything Wednesday – I write because…

Well, my ‘Write Anything Wednesday’ post is a day behind but better later than never … right.  For this post, I decided to kill two birds with one stone.  I recently started the  ‘Finding Ever day Inspiration’ course and I’m little behind on it too.  The goal of this course is to motivate me to write daily, which has been a huge challenge for me!

So here’s the day 1 assignment prompt  … ‘I write because’ whereas I basically explain why I write.

I write because of my enjoyment for writing, my way with words, and my ability to communicate with ease in written form. I write because it’s fun! I write because it can help others! I write because it can help me! I write because it’s a fun hobby! I write because it could lead to fame, recognition, and fortune!  I write because it’s something I ‘ve always dreamed of doing! I write because it’s inspiring! I write because it’s encouraging! I write because it’s peaceful! I write because it’s an outlet for stress! I write because I have something to say! I write because it get’s me through the day! I write because I can!


Write Anything Wednesday – May 18, 2016


Tuesday Chatter – Why Red?

Today, I thought I would chat about my favorite color … RED!

Why the color red, you ask … well, I have many reasons why  … but here’s a few for you

First, it’s one of the colors of my favorite football team’s logo.


Second, it’s the color of Jolly Ole Saint Nick’s suit … And yes, I still believe for the sake of my kindergarten.  Besides, who doesn’t love gifts from Santa.


Third, it’s part of the title of one favorite fairy tales … Little Red Riding Hood! The poor wolf didn’t stand a chance when he tried to match wits with Red … geesh, what was he thinking???


Fourth, it’s the color of a vehicle that makes one of the coolest sounds every. Yep, a fire truck!  And who didn’t wanna be a fire fighter when they were little! I sure did but it’s not the career of choice that I settle on … how bout you?


Fifth, it’s the color of two of my favorite foods to eat! And you can use them both for a salad too … YUMMY!!!

Finally, it’s the color of the suit of one my favorite Marvel characters! I AM IRONMAN!  Of course, my all time favorite is Hulk but that’s another color for another time!


I hope you enjoyed my Tuesday Chatter post, as well as learned some fun facts about me! Until next time …

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Write Anthing Wednesday – Parking Between the Lines


Nothing frustrates me more than one’s inability to park between two white lines, especially when they are parking next to me!  In the picture above, my car is the one on the right,  The other car belongs to another resident who lives in the building in front of me.

I took this picture one morning, while I was out on my patio.  What’s even more amusing about this the parking job is it was the second attempt made by the driver to park between the lines.  Yes, I observed the driver pull into to the parking spot, then back up, pull in again, and park the exact same way as the first time.  Mind you. I usually have a laugh or two in situations like this but I was in now mood for laughter when I saw how close the car door came to hitting my car.  As well as, the driver proceeded to get several shopping bags out.

As I’m watching this whole ordeal unfold, I’m debating with my self on why it is so hard to park between to lines.  IT boggles my mind every time I see someone have difficulty doing this.  And yes, this is not the only driver in our complex that parks like this.  Also, this is one of the reason that I like to park on the end so that I can get as close to the curb as I can to avoid my car being ding by somebody’s door.

Of course, I feel that I shouldn’t have to park my car in this manner because the other person doesn’t know how to park their car properly.   Since the property manager doesn’t do anything the parking, it’s futile for me to say something to them about it.  So, I guess I’ll continue to take photos and add them to my ‘creative drivers’ photos. One of these days, I might have to post the photos of all those drivers.

Anyway, that’s my rant … I mean post for this week’s Write Anything Wednesday!


Things My Kid Says … “Daddy, I’m going have a contest … “

The other day my son climbs into my lap and tells me he wants to have a talk with me.  Of course, I’m bracing myself for what my kindergarten wants to have a talk about … and if this talk will leave me in stitches … or wonder where he heard what he’s about to repeat!

So, I ask him what he want’s to have a talk about.  He tells me he’s going have a contest.  As I ponder what kind of contest, I’m even more intrigue as to where this conversation is going.  And how much involvement that I will have to invest in his contest.

He proceeds to tell me that he’s going have a contest with the girls (at his school). Being a father of a boy, you can probably imagine what thoughts are going through a father’s head after the words contest and girls.  As for me I’m thinking either this is going be really good or really bad … and if it will get him into a lot of trouble with his mother!

So, I patiently wait for him to tell me the purpose of “his contest with girls.”  Yep Dad, I’m going have a contest with the girls to see who I’m going marry! He’s looking at me with all seriousness and very proud of his idea.  And he finishes it with what do you think, Dad?

I’m doing my best to keep a straight face … as I’m thinking he’s way too young to be watching the Bachelor. Nor do I want to stump his creativity but, depending on what he includes with his contest, he could be in hot water with some of those girls.

So, what’s a dad to do … well, I told him that’s interesting idea son but you may want to run by your mother and see what she says!


Write Anything Wednesday – Overdue!

Well, I guess I’ve been away long enough … and it’s time to give my blogging a shot again! There’s no one reason for my blogging drought, so I won’t even dwell on them all … and I just file them all under “life got busy.”

During my drought, I read a lot of articles and built up my motivation to make this attempt more successful.  To get me started, I decided to participate in several events from the Daily Post.  I hope this will help me develop a consistent blogging/writing time, so that my blog awareness will grow.

One of my goals for the past years is to become a successful blogger! Also, I hope that my blog would help those who stumble upon.  Yes, success doesn’t happen overnight but it definitely won’t happen if I continue to do nothing.  So this year, I will strive to be different and make this my most successful blog year, ever!

Of course, I know it’s not going be easy but I think I’m up to the challenge … so this is my first post for the event ‘Write Anything Wednesday!’

And we’re off and running …


Thankful Thursday – My Kid’s Art


The picture above is one of many drawing from my very creative and imaginative 5 year old. This is a picture of him walking his dog.  And the three items in front of him is a stick, a sock, and mac n cheese.So, I’m guessing the stick and sock is for his dog … the mac n cheese is for him!

If I were to count every drawing my son has created for me, then I wouldn’t have time to complete this blog!

So, today I’m thankful for my kid’s art! Why … you ask?  One reason is the sense of accomplishment he has when he completes a drawing.  Another reason is his excitement in sharing his drawing.  Finally, I get to see his imagination run wild as he tells me about his drawing!

With all three of those, I can’t help but get a huge smile on face and in my heart every time I pick up one of his drawings!

Happy Thursday!

To Write or Not To Write …


There are days, when I wish I could just snap my fingers and instantly go into writer’s mode!

I imagine a writer’s life ripe with creativity, free-flowing words, and finished novels.  I guess a guy can dream, can’t he …

Truth is … I have several writing projects that I could be working on … however the motivation to do so remains non-existent. You would think that someone as organized as myself, would be able to find the time and motivation to do so.

Yep, easier said than done … right??

Well, I guess it’s time to find my writer’s muse … I just need to know where to look.  🙂

Any suggestions?