bugs … bugs … everywhere, dad!

In July, we did our annual family camping trip at the Cherry Creek State Park in Colorado.  This a family event that we look forward to year after year, especially my six-year-old son.  Of course, he mainly looks forward to roasting marshmallows over the fire pit and making yummy s’mores!   However, this year there was a fire ban for the county where the park is located so this meant that s’more making wasn’t going to happen.  And you can imagine the disappointment on my sons face when he found this out.  It was like someone had burst his favorite balloon!

To add to his disappointment, it seemed like the sight we picked was also a favorite for all the bugs (which is one of the things that my son doesn’t care for at all).  Now, you would think that a six-year-old boy (all boy) would relish the fact to be able to crush bugs at whim   … nope not my son!

I even reminded him that there have always been some bugs at our campsites in the pass, but this didn’t sway him to go to the tent or anywhere that mom and dad where not at!  For some reason, he had ingrained in his head that the books would get on him no matter what.  There was one bright spot in this … we bought him one of those toy insect vacuums where he could suck up bugs and inspect them.  Of course, the fun and excitement of this toy lasted for about a day and a half!

Needless to say, my wife and I spent most of our camping trip trying to get our son over his dislike of bugs!  And he spent most of our camping trip trying to convince mom and dad that there was no way he’s going like bugs … no way at all!

Luckily for us, there was a swim beach … and he had a blast there!

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