Best Dad Ever!


Today, I’m thankful for being a dad!

My son made this for me, while he was in kindergarten!  He manage to keep it hidden from me until Father’s Day!  When I saw it for the first time, I asked him when he made this and he told me … at school!  He was so proud of making it, but not as proud as he was giving it to me as one of my gifts!

My heart was deeply moved by the words, “Best Dad Ever’!  However, this was not the first time that he has share these words with me.  As a matter of fact, he uses them quite frequently … mostly when he’s trying to get Dad to say yes to something he wants.  HA! HA ! Which seems like a lot these days,

All kidding aside, it’s these words like this that makes my thankful that I’m a Dad.  And no matter what happens, how many times I tell him no, or how many times I have to discipline him … he still things that I’m the Best Dad Ever.

Of course, there are many times when I don’t even think I live up to this title.  Yep, I’m not a perfect Dad and I don’t know of any Dad that is.  I’m just trying to be best Dad I can be for him.  And yes, I will miss up a lot but I also have a lot chances to get it right.  Still, in the end, it doesn’t really matter because my boy will say these words to me and my whole heart will melt  … and for that moment, all of my challenges as a Dad are washed away!

I certainly felt like the Best Dad Ever on Father’s Day, this year!  The biggest reason for that feeling was the fact that I’m a Dad.  One of the things, I love being the most.  And I’m so thankful that God blessed me with the opportunity to be a Dad … because I wouldn’t change it for nothing!

What about you?  If you’re a dad, what are some of your ‘best dad ever’ moments?  If you’re not a dad, what memories of your Dad to you have that you would classify as ‘best dad ever’.


Thankful Thursday: Warmth

On this cold and snowy Colorado day, I’m so thankful for being warm!  It can be the warmth from the Sun in the midst of the cold or the warmth from a pair of my favorite cozy socks. Even the warmth from a hot cup of coffee or the warmth from my fireplace.  Or the warmth from turning the thermostat up just a little or the warmth from a nice, cozy hug from my son and wife. I could go on and on … but I think you get that I’m thankful for the warmth.

Where ever you may be or whatever you may be doing … hopefully, you’re enjoying the ‘warmth’ around you … and may you take it one step further and share the ‘warmth with others!


Thankful Thursday – Boxes

This week was ‘get everything ready’ to move to a new office!  I had to make sure everything that I had was ready to be moved by 4 pm, Friday … well, it was actually by 4 pm Thursday (since I worked from home on Friday).  Needless to say, it was a mentally exhausting week trying to get my work done and pack up the boxes for the move.

So, this is why I’m thankful for boxes! If I had to move everything without something to put my stuff in, then I’m pretty sure I would’ve totally loss my mind.  Think about it, how many trips would you really have to make if you didn’t have a box to help you out.

Another reason, I’m thankful for boxes is they help you realize just how much crap you have when you are the process of packing it all up. Therefore, it should trigger somewhere in your mind that it’s time to PURGE!   I certainly took advantage of this and got rid of a lot stuff that I had no need for anymore.  Oh what a feelin!

Oh, and on Monday I get to unpack those boxes (all three of them) Thank goodness for boxes!

Have a great weekend!  Remember, it may be small or it may be big … but there’s always something to be thankful for!

Thankful Thursday – Grace & Skittles

I’ve decided to participate in blogging event in hopes to get myself on a consistent blogging schedule.

One of the ones that stood out to me is ‘Thankful Thursday’ whereas you ‘promote a spirit of gratitude by posting every Thursday what you are thankful for.  As well as, ‘When we share what we are thankful for with one another, it’s an opportunity for gratitude to deepen in our heart. It’s also a way to promote the spirit of gratitude in a world of negativity and discontent. It is within a grateful heart that we can find peace, contentment, and an abiding happiness.’ (borrowed from the thankful Thursday page)

Just like many others, I have a lot to be thankful for and I can certainly help to promote a spirit of gratitude.  And I can use a reminder on gratitude with all the crud that surrounds me.

So, here goes … this Thursday, I’m thankful for …

1 – God’s Grace! When I get too caught up in this jacked up world and finding myself off the path He has set for me, it’s then I remember that God’s grace abounds in my life.  And it’s by His grace that I get myself back on track and move forward with his love, mercy, and forgiveness!


 2 – Skittles! I love Skittles.  Yes, I know they are pure sugar which is not good for me (since I’m diabetic) but I have learned to how to enjoy them in moderation or when I need a comfort food.  I guess there’s something to be said about the picture of the rainbow on the packaging.  To me, I’m reminded of the Story of Noah and how God made a promise to Noah that He would never flood the earth again.  And the sign God gave with that promise was a rainbow.  God’s word is full of promises and it’s good to be reminded of them from time to time … even if it takes a back of skittles to do so.

So grab a bag of skittles … and taste the rainbow 🙂